Software Engineer Roles – Brisbane


Our clients are looking for thoughtful and self-aware developers across C++, HTML5, Python, JavaScript, PhP, Ruby, C#, to join their team projects. You will be part of small project teams working with a focus on tight collaboration, reliability and building scalable applications.  The clients embrace change and are progressive adopters of new technologies for each stack. These roles are open to hiring at a junior and or senior level, so if you think you might be a fit, please consider applying!

What You Will Do

  • – Scope, design, build and deploy robust APIs and services, making appropriate tradeoffs between reliability, throughput, latency, resiliency, engineering velocity and cost
  • – Influence the technical direction of system architecture while balancing business priorities, user needs, and a sustainable technical foundation
  • – Uphold our high engineering standards and improve our codebase and processes
  • – Document new products, features, and APIs for external consumption and document standards, guidelines, and best practices for internal use
  • – Write high-quality code. The clients focus much more on your general engineering skill than your knowledge of a particular language or framework.

What You Will Bring

  • – A high degree of craftsmanship across code correctness and style, as well as attention to higher-level design
  • – An understanding of the importance of testing and a high standard of care when working with production systems
  • – The desire to proactively seek feedback from users, teammates, and subject matter experts in order to create user-first outcomes
  • – Experience with scaling distributed systems in a rapidly moving environment
  • – Preference for simple solutions and designs over complex ones and having a good intuition for what is lasting and scalable

What we require from you

  • To be considered as a potential applicant and candidate, it is necessary that workplace and career-based competency and training are successfully achieved.  This is to be completed via our training partner, TVET school Asia delivering as UK standards and aligned to the Australian training requirements of the Unit of competency.  The programme cost is subsidised, with details provided after LLN is completed and passed.

    Only successful applicants meeting the application criteria will be contacted. Further development to IELTS and to a CERT III or CERT IV in the respective field will depend on successful individual enrolment.  Mobility, logistics, and visa for entry permission by immigration officials and associated charges may apply and will be subject to approval by relevant authorities.  Successful candidates may be offered a subsidised mobility structure.

    Excellent hourly rates and benefits are provided to the suitable candidates our clients select for projects.