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Brief on Workready Asia Pty Ltd Professionals Services

We are pleased to present our company brief for providing  professionals to your organisation for consideration.  Our company specialises in sourcing, recruiting, up-skilling and supplying qualified and experienced candidates from the Philippines and Malaysia to Victorian organisations.

A strong pool of qualified candidates

With a database of over 1,000 qualified candidates from Malaysia and the Philippines , we can provide a diverse range of candidates to meet the specific needs of any organisation.

Quick turnaround time

We understand the urgent need for additional staff in any organisations and will work to fill any open positions as quickly as possible.

Experienced team

Our team comprises professional recruiters and HR Professionals with extensive experience in foreign personnel management who deeply understand the industry and the specific needs of organisations.

Personalised services

We understand that each organisation has unique staffing needs. We work closely with our clients to understand their specific requirements and tailor our services to meet those needs

Cultural sensitivity

Our candidates from the Philippines and Malaysia are well-versed in Western culture, making the transition to working in Australia seamless and easy. Our relationship with an Indigenous organisation provides us with the means to provide, where expected, cross-culture awareness education and training to ensure our people have awareness, respect and understanding of local Indigenous culture.

Cost-effective solution

Our company offers a cost-effective solution for organisations looking to fill open positions without incurring the high costs associated with traditional recruitment methods.

Knowledge of immigration laws

Our team has a thorough understanding of the immigration laws of Australia, which ensures that our candidates can work in the country legally and without any issues.

In summary, our company is uniquely positioned to provide the qualified personnel and expertise you have identified your organisation needs. With a wide pool of qualified candidates, quick turnaround time, cost-effective solutions, cultural sensitivity, quality assurance, language proficiency and compliance with Australian standards, we are confident that we can meet and exceed your expectations.

We look forward to listening to your requirements and working with you to meet your staffing needs. Our team brings a wealth of experience, expertise, and knowledge to the table, ensuring we can provide the best service to organisations in Victoria. We are confident that our combination of value-added benefits, experience and expertise make us the best choice for your staffing.